2016 Canada Cannabis Year in Review

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This year was a monumental one for marijuana in Canada, and as we bid 2016 farewell this weekend, here’s a look back at the biggest cannabis stories in our country this year.

  • Aurora launched same-day delivery in Calgary: the Licensed Producer launched same-day delivery services to those in Calgary and surrounding area for medical marijuana.
  • The billion-dollar boost marijuana would give our economy is examined: showing that marijuana legalization would be a $22.6-billion boost to Canada’s economy.
  • New medical marijuana research being funded by Arthritis Society of Canada: the Arthritis Society of Canada is funding medical marijuana research on fibromyalgia pain.
  • Ottawa’s legalization taskforce releases report with 80 recommendations: this 106-page report was big news for our industry! Highlighted recommendations include:
    • Set a national minimum age of purchase of 18, acknowledging the right of provinces and territories to harmonize it with their minimum age of purchase of alcohol
    • Prohibit mixed products, for example cannabis-infused alcoholic beverages or cannabis products with tobacco, nicotine or caffeine
    • Create a flexible legislative framework that could adapt to new evidence on specific product types, on the use of additives or sweeteners, or on specifying limits of THC or other components
    • Provide regulatory oversight for cannabis concentrates to minimize the risks associated with illicit production
    • Require all cannabis products to include labels identifying levels of THC and CBD
    • Conduct the necessary economic analysis to establish an approach to tax and price that balances health protection with the goal of reducing the illicit market
    • Commit to using revenue from cannabis as a source of funding for administration, education, research and enforcement
    • Regulate the production of cannabis and its derivatives (e.g., edibles, concentrates) at the federal level
    • Use licensing and production controls to encourage a diverse, competitive market that also includes small producers
  • ACMPR replaces the old MMPR in Canada: new medical marijuana rules came into effect for Canada, where the Access to Cannabis for Medical Marijuana Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) replaced the MMPR. The parts that make up ACMPR are:
    • (Similar to MMPR) Framework for commercial production by Licensed Producers for production and distribution of marijuana, quality-controlled by Health Canada.
    • (Similar to MMAR) New provisions for individuals to produce a “limited” amount of cannabis for their own medical purposes.
    • The continuation of MMPR activities by Licensed Producers

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