How should cannabis be sold? Private vs Government

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The Alberta government has released an online survey, to get public input on the legalization of cannabis in our province. Before you complete the survey, we wanted to outline our stance and recommendations regarding some of the questions in the survey, notably the one about who should sell cannabis:
In your view, who should own and operate retail cannabis outlets in Alberta?

  1. Private stores
  2. Government stores

We vote for private stores to sell cannabis, once legalized, for the following reasons:

  • The private sector creates new jobs for Albertans.
  • More competition in the marketplace, equates to lower prices for consumers.
  • The private sector would mean more variety and more choices for consumers when it comes to products available, and places to purchase from.
  • Ease of access within the private sector, with more options for point of sale.
  • More expertise in the private sector, in allowing people who specialize and are knowledgeable in cannabis to be the ones selling it.
  • There’s less burden on Alberta taxpayers if cannabis is sold through private companies, since these businesses will be funded privately as well.
  • Private owners can meet the demand for cannabis, and can react quicker to opening new stores, getting new products, etc. With slower government processes for new businesses, the black market will slowly take over with government stores.
  • Private is a proven model for legalized cannabis, with all 28 states in the US that have legalized cannabis using this model of business.

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