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With so much changing day-to-day with medical cannabis and the looming legalization date in Canada, it can be easy to miss some of the updates. We will now be publishing weekly recap blogs of the top stories from the cannabis world, so you can stay in the know.

News cycle for September 30 to October 6, 2017: 

  • Premiers sit down with PM Trudeau to share agenda-topping concerns about cannabis, tax reform: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is proposing to levy a federal excise tax on recreational marijuana once it becomes legal next July, with the provinces and territories receiving half the revenue. Under a federal proposal put to premiers during a first ministers meeting Tuesday, each gram of pot would be subject to an excise tax of $1 on sales up to $10 and a 10 per cent tax on sales of more than $10. [CTV]
  • Within one year of cannabis legalization, Canada could allow edibles: “This proposed amendment would provide certainty and timing for Canadians and the industry that edibles containing cannabis and cannabis concentrates will be authorized for sale no more than 12 months of the proposed cannabis act,” said Liberal committee member John Oliver. [Civilized]
  • Government of Alberta reveals proposed cannabis framework: highlights of the framework plus public feedback welcomed until October 27, 2017.
  • Alberta NDP: The most responsible cannabis announcement thus far: Based on what was released today, we feel strongly that the Alberta NDP listened to Albertans, and have come back with considerations that will serve our province and its people in a responsible manner. [420 News]
  • City to focus on zoning, secondhand smoke regarding cannabis rules: With the NDP releasing its cannabis framework, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi said the city will now review the plan and engage with residents. He said one of the major issues is zoning. [660 News]
  • Calgary cannabis community gives government resounding thumbs up on draft pot rules: While the government has left the possibility of government-run stores on the table in the framework, [Jeff] Mooij said he’s confident they will opt for the private-run option. Mooij said it would be an economic boon for the city and province. [CBC]
  • Ottawa trims its pot plans; amends bill to legalize marijuana: The House of Commons Health Committee has completed its study of Bill C-45, the government’s bill to legalize marijuana, and has made some tweaks to the government’s proposal, including cutting out the height restriction on homegrown marijuana plants. [CTV]


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