Alberta NDP: “The most responsible cannabis announcement thus far”

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This morning, the Alberta government outlined their draft cannabis framework for legalization in the province come July 1, 2018. Based on what was released today, we feel strongly that the Alberta NDP listened to Albertans, and have come back with considerations that will serve our province and its people in a responsible manner.

“This is the most responsible political announcement about legalization thus far. The NDP made the right decision, and listened to Albertans,” said Jeff Mooij, President of 420 Clinic. “Albertans should be very proud of what their government announced today. This is an Alberta-made plan, that is going to create thousands of Alberta jobs.”

The first survey from the Alberta government on legalization, garnered over 45,000 responses, and based on consultations and these survey results, the NDP has announced their draft framework which includes the following highlights:

  • The minimum age for cannabis consumption and purchase in Alberta will be 18-years-old.
  • The provincial government will manage wholesale and distribution.
  • Cannabis stores cannot sell liquor or pharmaceuticals.
  • Smoking cannabis will be allowed in homes or in some public spaces, but not areas frequented by children (playgrounds, spray parks, zoos, etc.).
  • Albertans can grow up to four cannabis plants per household.
  • Adults can possess up to 30 grams of legally produced cannabis.

While no decision has been outlined by the Alberta government as to whether cannabis retail will be public or private, Justice Minister Kathleen Ganley stated at the press conference that there is “less risk, less cost in the private model”.

Albertans can give their feedback on this announcement on the Government of Alberta website here, until October 27, 2017.

With this initial framework outlined, we are happy with the government’s direction, and are looking forward to seeing the job creation in Alberta. Our company, 420 Clinic will be hosting a large job fair later this month, more details to come.


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