Applauding the Alberta Government’s Proactive Approach to Cannabis Retail

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This morning, Kathleen Ganley, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General for the Alberta Government, made an announcement regarding rules and regulations that cannabis retailers in Alberta will have to follow once cannabis is legalized in Canada this summer.

Along with the AGLC, Ganley announced a proactive and positive approach to cannabis retail in our province. Highlights of the regulations include:

  • Mandatory background checks for all license applicants
  • Mandatory training and background checks for all retail employees
  • One person, group or organization cannot hold more than 15 per cent of licenses in Alberta
  • A 100-metre buffer for stores from schools and provincial health-care facilities (this can be additional distance if set by municipalities)
  • Mandatory security measures including video surveillance
  • Store hours set between 10 am and 2 am, same as liquor stores

Jeff Mooij, President of 420 Clinic, thought the announcement was a good step forward for the future of cannabis in Alberta and that the regulations were rooted in best practices.

“I think it was pretty clear, it gave a good timeline for the retail to get involved and the application process is up so that’s great,” says Mooij. “They have been very proactive and it will be very good for the industry, the approach the Alberta Government is taking here.”

In regards to the mandatory background checks for cannabis retailers and their employees, Mooij says this is the only approach that makes sense and agrees with AGLC and the Alberta Government on this step.

“It’s important that the illegal market doesn’t seep into the legal one.” — Kathleen Ganley, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General for the Alberta Government

Further details on this morning’s announcement can be found on the Alberta Government website at the link above.

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