Ask 420: Am I eligible for medical marijuana?

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Each week we answer a frequently asked question. This week’s question is: Am I eligible for medical marijuana?

We have a page for this! Click here to see the list of eligible conditions for medical marijuana. It is important to note that ultimately, this must be determined by a physician (either your own or a physician that we work with). In any case, ensure you have documentation of your diagnosis, as well as your current and previous treatment programs.

Now you know! If you have any other questions for 420 clinic, please contact us.

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  1. I have been suffering over the last 2 years with chronic aura migraines. I have been seeing a neuroligist for the last two years and i feel like i am getting no where. I am currently on medication that is not helping and have to wait a long period of time to get back in to see the doctor for follow up to get the medication changed. The headaches are debilitating as well as the medication has side effects that are effecting my work and everyday life. I would like a more natural way of dealing with my pain if i could.

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  2. Wondering if I would be able to apply… I had a motorcycle accident several years ago and have pain, mild ptsd and often have problem sleeping because of pain… as a result of job loss as well as occasionally in the past also had mild depression… I self medicated in the past and did get some relief… I had some chance to get cannabis in the past and it alleviated most of the symptoms… I don’t believe in using it recreationally but it is much better than prescribed opiates or anti-depressants… I am also very anti-mainstream medicine as they seem to ignore the real issue and throw high priced toxic pharmaceuticals at you… as I don’t buy from dealers or know any and the friend I had who got me cannabis in the past is no longer a contact, I am considering going legit…. OTC pain meds and alcohol are not healthy nor work very well… I would love to find some legal source to get THC oil to use before sleep as that seems to be the worst time for me, pain wise, mentally, thinking of things I can’t get out of my head, and not being able to sleep… I do also get migraines several times a year… I have never tried cannabis to treat them and find caffiene, an extra strength advil and some sugar/electrolyte seems to ward them off of I get the symptoms of a migraine coming..

    I am so not someone who likes a weed high..I actually dislike it, (opiates were worse though) but it is good to take and then go to sleep, I don’t currently have a doctor but the ones in the past wouldn’t even give me results of blood tests when I was taking legal herbal supplements for bodybuilding and wanted hormonal results…. so I don’t tend to go to doctors anymore…. not to mention what doctor would prescribe an “illegal” substance to treat symptoms when they can make money from big pharma?
    I am also not into smoking anything, so I would prefer oil or edible medicinals as I don’t believe inhaling any burnt organic can be a healthy thing…

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      Hi there, if you want to call the clinic during business hours we would be more than happy to talk to you about the next steps moving forward. We would love to help you!

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