Ask 420: Do I have to smoke my medical marijuana?

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Each week we answer a frequently asked question. This week’s question is: Do I have to smoke my medical marijuana?

In short, the answer is no. One of the many upsides of marijuana is that you can use a variety of methods to consume it. This week, we will go over a few of the most common methods.


Vaporizing medical marijuana is an effective method to achieve rapid therapeutic effects, while minimizing harm to your lungs. 420 Clinic also has a full selection of vaporizers and accessories in store if you choose to consume your medical marijuana this way.


Although edibles may take a longer time to kick in, the therapeutic effects can be felt throughout the body. Edibles should be made with oils or butter derived from medical marijuana. For more information, 420 Clinic offers monthly cooking classes to introduce you to making edibles.


Medical marijuana can be made into a tincture, which is diverse in consumption. From the tincture, you can apply it to your skin, put drops under your tongue or consume it.


Made from the oil derived from medical marijuana, topicals can be made to apply right to your skin. Topicals can be balms, lotions, ointment or anything you’d usually apply to your skin. This method is especially common for patients with arthritis, as the topical can target areas of inflammation directly.

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