Ask 420: What is Cannabis Oil?

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Q: What is cannabis oil? 

A: Cannabis oil is extracted from marijuana plants, and contains numerous cannabinoids. Cannabis oil is incredibly concentrated and thus has different results.

When starting out with cannabis oil, it’s best to start slow and learn how your body interacts with cannabis oil and how long it takes to come into effect.

When ingesting cannabis oil, the effects are delayed (up to two hours) and they can last for six to 10 hours, depending on the patient. When inhaling cannabis oil, you can feel the effects within minutes, and the effects generally last for two to four hours.

When deciding what ingestion method is best for your symptoms, it’s best to consult a professional.

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  1. Ive been diagnosed with depression anxiety and panic disorder. I would like to try canabis oil. Medications dont work for me.

    I would like to convince my doctor that this could work. Also wondering what the cost of the oil is please.
    Thank you Deanna

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