“All successful organizations…possess a shared sense not just of what they produce, but of who they are and want to be.”
— Laszlo Bock, Work Rules

420 endeavours to be a respectful, knowledgeable, responsible and trustworthy organization that is made up of team members who exhibit these characteristics individually, as well. We wish to act with a spirit of service and inclusion to the community and our clients, and meet high standards of integrity and conduct in everything we do.

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Our People, Our Culture

At 420, we know that a fantastic corporate culture doesn’t happen by accident, it needs to be cultivated. Furthermore, cultivating the kind of culture where people grow, thrive and succeed takes more than an annual Christmas party. That’s why, at 420, we address those areas proven to enhance workplace satisfaction. From providing generous work-life balance policies to giving our staff as much autonomy as possible, as well as inviting all our team members to share their voices, we will continue to push the boundaries to improve our culture because, when it comes to attracting and keeping the best people, “culture trumps even money”. [1]

Progressive Policies

Because company policies often dictate the behaviour of company staff, we aim to create progressive policies and develop systems that reinforce the culture we hope to have, one that invites each team member to bring their whole selves to the workplace and that is inclusive of all the diversity we wish to represent.

Flexible Working Arrangements

We understand that people increasingly want to work for a company that offers flexibility so they can create a work-life balance. As such, we offer flexible working arrangements to team members.

Personal and Family Responsibility Leave

Our staff are encouraged to take up to eight days of personal and family responsibility leave per year — 3 more days than is suggested by the Alberta Employment Standards — because we know that our team members have lives outside of work, and taking care of those lives sometimes needs to trump taking care of work.

Learning and Development

In addition to receiving first-rate training and general cannabis education, team members have the opportunity to seek further development including, but not limited to, external training sessions, one-on-one coaching, mentoring, external study, conferences and association memberships.

Volunteer Day

As an organization, we are dedicated to being active and contributing members of the communities in which we serve. Pursuant to this ethos of service, we encourage our team members to give back to their communities. Each employee can take one paid day per year to participate in a charitable event or activity, whether it’s a ‘Habitat for Humanity’ project or a 5k fun run.

Workplace Sexual Harassment

Because we take workplace sexual harassment seriously, we hope to be among the first Canadian employers to use SafeSpace by RallyEngine. SafeSpace is a secure, third-party information escrow service, a documentation and reporting tool, addressing the issue of workplace sexual harassment in a way that is responsive to the actual experiences of victims.

Gender Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

At 420, we recognize that, not only does a gender equitable, diverse and inclusive workforce improve overall profit, it is the right thing to do. However, achieving the equitable, diverse and inclusive culture we strive for takes more than good intentions. Implicit bias negatively affects decision-making in any number of situations, so 420 takes a systematic approach to mitigating bias.

Metrics and Reporting

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” [2] Because gender equity, diversity and inclusion are important to us, we are currently drafting our first Gender Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Report.


We have tweaked our recruitment practices to prevent implicit bias from being an invisible force in the process. Job descriptions are assessed for language inclusivity, resumes are reviewed after being blinded for demographic details, work sample testing allows skills to shine and structured one-on-one interviews prevent group-think and prevent the “halo effect” or “recency bias” from spoiling the process.

Compensation and Pay Equity

Pay gaps to plague almost every organization, whether they be gender-, race-, age-, or ability-based. We want our team members to be compensated based only on their qualifications, experience, skills, education and performance. Toward that end, we are developing pay transparency mechanisms to keep 420 accountable to that goal.

Evaluation and Promotion

We know that even a small bias in performance evaluations can lead to significant gaps in compensation and career achievement. It’s critical to the success of our organization that we not only hire the best people for the job, but that we promote top performers. In order to accurately assess the contributions of our team members, we are in the process of researching and articulating a fair and objective performance evaluation procedure.


[1] Stephen Frost, “Inclusive Talent Management’
[2] Peter Drucker