A: 420 Clinic does not charge a fee for our services. It is 100% free. Our goal is to facilitate the qualified patient to receive service, education and product in a legal, timely, and safe manner
A: Give us a call and we can book you for an appointment at your quickest convenience.

Calgary: 403-475-4205
Lethbridge: 403-327-4687

A: We are currently in the following cities and locations:

1336-9TH Avenue SE, Calgary, AB, T2G0T3

330-7th Street S, Lethbridge, AB, T1J 2G2

A: We have medial experts ranging from doctors to nurses that can give you counselling on what strains to use and information regarding cannabis free of charge at our clinics.
A: Patients with a history of schizophrenia or psychosis should not be using cannabis. Those with untreated drug abuse or dependency or those who are pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant or breastfeeding should also refrain from use. There are also a few medications that should not be mixed with cannabis. Our specialists will go over your current medications in the initial assessment and will guide you from there.
A: Children are under more stringent requirements when it comes to cannabis. The most common condition children use cannabis for is seizure disorder. If the child’s family physician or specialist is willing to send a referral for valid condition children may be permitted.
A: Yes, medical-grade vaporizers are available for purchase on our website and at our locations. Vaporizers allow the inhalation of cannabis without burning the product or releasing smoke and other substances. Oils and capsules are also available that can be consumed orally.
A: Yes, Cannabidiol (CBD) provides many patients with relief of inflammatory pain such as arthritis, muscle spasms, seizures and even many gastrointestinal issues without causing euphoria or impairment.
A: No. It is never wise, under any circumstances to operate a vehicle while impaired under any substance, that includes cannabis.
A: If you have completed our process you can travel anywhere in Canada with your cannabis products. They products should be kept in the original container with the documentation you’ve been given. If you are unsure about the laws of other nations 420 clinic is glad to provide free travel advisories regarding travel restrictions.
A: Cannabis use can cause Acute conjunctivitis (red eyes), dry mouth, increased hunger, some short-term memory loss and some cognitive impairment while under the influence.
A: A licensed producer is a company that is permitted to legally grow medical cannabis. The products are effectively screened and sent to valid medical patients through Canada Post. If you are registered with a licensed producer you are free to order products from them while your prescription is valid.
A: 420 Clinic provides daily news on YouTube containing industry, scientific and political updates on medical cannabis in Canada and around the world.
A: You can submit questions and concerns to our staff directly here. We’re also available by phone.

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