Featured Licensed Producer: Aurora

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In a new feature on our blog, we’ll be profiling the Licensed Producers in Canada, so you can get a feel for your options and what they all specialize in. This week, is Aurora.

Aurora is all about helping patients experience “the healing power of nature”:

Our garden is home to thousands of happy plants growing in the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, sipping fresh mountain water in gentle breezes and basking in ideal lighting conditions. [Aurora]

Aurora is located in Cremona, Alberta and operates their operation on these standards:

  • $8/gram strain pricing
  • $5/gram compassionate pricing
  • $50 cannabis credit
  • Free shipping in Canada

Currently, Aurora has 7 marijuana strains available with more in the growing phase of production.

Our trained and knowledgeable staff is happy to discuss Aurora with you, as well as your other Licensed Producer options in Canada, just give us a call: 403-475-4205.

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