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We get asked a lot about sensitive information on our social media pages, so please read this notice, to understand how to effectively communicate with our social media pages and what you can expect on there. 

Our accounts vary in terms of frequency and content, but usually publish a few times a day. We’ll publish helpful information and link you to more detailed information and resources when available. We attempt to respond to every query on social media within a reasonable amount of time.

Due to privacy and security reasons, we do not discuss patient information online, nor do we take appointment bookings online. We cannot guarantee a response 24 hours a day, though we try to answer all queries as quickly as possible (our average response time is five minutes). For any matter that is confidential, or too complicated or sensitive for posting to the public, please contact us via the web feedback form on our website, or contact us via telephone at one of our locations.

We work hard to post carefully chosen and relevant content that pertains to medical cannabis, cannabis research, cannabis health and related information. In terms of commenting, here’s our policy:

  • Stay on topic. We encourage focused, thoughtful comments and discussion which respond or relate to a particular topic, new initiative or upcoming event. Comments which are not related to our content or attempt to derail the conversation may be removed.
  • Be respectful. If you choose to post content, please keep in mind that you must not post anything in violation of the law, incites hatred, racism or physical harm, or is in breach of confidence. We have no tolerance for posts that are abusive, hateful, homophobic, discriminatory, malicious, aggressive, threatening, violent, sexist, harassing, inflammatory, indecent, tortious, defamatory, knowingly false, misleading, deceptive, vulgar, obscene, offensive, scandalous, sexually explicit, profane or otherwise objectionable.

420 Clinic supports an inclusive, diverse, equitable and respectful work environment, free of discrimination and harassment. 420 Clinic employees moderate our social media sites and their contents. Any conduct that is discriminatory or harassing will be removed and the user may be banned from future use of our channels.

Important to remember to avoid posting personal or confidential information. Our social media accounts are publicly accessible and posts are visible to the public. Therefore, please don’t post any personal information about you or anyone else.

Anyone interested in viewing our Terms of Use for social media, we’re happy to pass that on.

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