How to Grind Your Medical Marijuana

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The reason to grind your medical marijuana before smoking or vaping it, is to help break off the stems and give the product a more even surface area for burning. Overall, you’ll end up with a better experience.

Here’s some ways you can grind your marijuana:

  • Use a grinder: the best possible method would be to use a marijuana grinder, as they are specifically designed for this purpose. You can come see us in the office or call us (403-475-4205) to find out what grinders we have in store.
  • Scissors: if you don’t have a grinder, a popular idea is to cut the buds with scissors into a shot glass (to keep the marijuana contained and easier to cut).
  • Coffee grinder: an easy thing to use that you likely have around the home, is your coffee grinder. This works in the same way the grinder works on coffee beans.
  • Knife: if all else fails, do things the old fashioned way and cut your marijuana with a knife on a cutting board.

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