In the news: 420 Clinic is a medical business not a counselling one

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In light of changes to land-use bylaws by the City of Calgary this week in regards to medical marijuana businesses, we wanted to clarify a few things. To get you caught up, here’s the latest development:

Calgary has now begun regulating marijuana counseling services, sparking debate over fears of what the pot-peddling establishments could become. Medical marijuana counseling services are now required to apply for a building permit and ensure they’re not within 300 meters of one another, while also not being within 150 metres of a school. [Metro Calgary]

So what does this mean for 420 Clinic? Nothing. This is because we are considered a medical business, and we are not violating any bylaws. We also want to make clear that we’ve not violated any bylaws from the beginning of establishing the business, until now. Our clinic has proudly served over 1,000 patients in Calgary with their health needs and helping guide them and educate them on the medical marijuana process in Canada. We have a great relationship with the community we’re in, with partnerships with many local businesses and community festivals.

More from owner, Jeff Mooij, in Metro:

“We came late to the game, basically, this is something that should have been done two years ago,” said 420 Clinic owner Jeff Mooij. “We’re a year away from legalization, probably, so nobody is going to open up medical marijuana counselling services anymore.”

As for the fear of Calgary’s only two counseling services, or any new ones, turning into illegal dispensaries? Mooij said that goes against their business license, and wouldn’t happen.

“The biggest problem with this whole industry is the perception versus reality,” he said. “We’re just dealing with medical patients…to continue to put it in the same light as what they always show in the media…they’re two different things.”

If anyone has questions about this bylaw or our business, please feel free to contact us: 403-475-4205.

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