Medical Marijuana and Depression

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It’s another edition of Medical Monday, and today we’re looking at how medical marijuana helps with depression. Depression is a mood disorder or mental health condition that leaves people feeling a variety of symptoms from helplessness, fatigue, sadness, loss of appetite and much more. A more in-depth definition of depression can be found at the CMHA Calgary website here.

Medical cannabis is a natural alternative to anti-depressants, that works to stimulate the endocannabinoid system, speeding up growth and development of nervous tissue. The best part is, there are no documented side effects of using medical cannabis for depression.

This natural remedy offers patients peace of mind and battles stress by enhancing mood, providing energy and focus, relieving anxiety, inducing hunger, and combating insomnia. [Leafly]

If you want to discuss how medical marijuana can help you with your depression, please contact us at 403-475-4205 to make an appointment.

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