Medical Monday: Insomnia

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Each Monday, 420 Clinic highlights a medical condition or illness that is treated by medical marijuana. This week, we delve into Insomnia.

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder – whether it’s trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Medical marijuana can be used to help treat insomnia through CBD content, as well as THC content, which can help people sleep longer and without interruptions. As with all concerns, you will need to consult with your doctor to see if medical marijuana is right for you.

If you require medical marijuana for insomnia or would like to learn more, book an appointment with one of our customer care staff.

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  1. I have at least 5 of the medical reasons listed on your page and would like to get more info. We have a friend with cancer that reffered is to you and am in constant pain with my feet.

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      Hi Harold. I’m sorry to hear about your medical problems. We could definitely answer any questions you may have – give us a call during office hours and one of our customer care staff can speak with you. Thanks!

  2. I have Epilepsy and was wondering how the oild would work for nightime ( nocturnal ) seizures????
    I have been on so many anticonvulsants, some that gave horrid side effects ,I want to investigate this area of therapy .

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      Hi Nadine, I’d suggest calling the clinic during business hours so we can learn more about your situation and properly recommend treatment. Give us a call and one of our customer care staff would love to answer your questions. Thanks!

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