Ottawa boy relies on homemade cannabis oil to calm ‘catastrophic’ seizures

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Originally posted in CBC News by Waubgeshig Rice

A seven-year-old Ottawa boy who uses cannabis oil to alleviate seizures caused by a rare form of epilepsy can’t get the treatment from a local producer, so his mother is making it herself.

It costs the McKnights roughly $1,300 a month to make cannabis oil at home for their seven-year-old son Liam. (Waubgeshig Rice/CBC)

Liam McKnight suffers from Dravet syndrome, a condition causing frequent and severe seizures that often last for minutes.

“It’s catastrophic epilepsy,” said his mother, Mandy McKnight. “On a bad day, he was having upwards of 50, 60, 70 seizures a day.”

The seizures would leave her son “catatonic” and unable to eat, sleep, walk, or go to the bathroom, according to McKnight.


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