Pot of gold: What medical marijuana dispensaries could mean in Calgary

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Originally posted in Avenue Calgary by Caroline Barlott

For more than a year, Randy (who requested his last name be withheld) has been smoking marijuana every day to deal with pain caused by breaking his leg after falling on an ice-covered sidewalk, an injury that required nine pins and a six-inch titanium plate to repair. He has tried painkillers, physiotherapy and exercise, but nothing has worked as well as cannabis. Randy says that if he doesn’t smoke marijuana, he is reminded of the injury with every movement of his leg.

But the marijuana he was using until last year wasn’t of the medical variety — he simply bought it on the street — and he didn’t feel right about that. So, in October 2014, he became one of the first customers of Clinic 420, a medical marijuana clinic in Inglewood that works with patients to determine if they’re candidates for using cannabis as a health aid, while helping them through the process of getting it. He’s now one of at least 40,000 people in Canada who use medical marijuana.


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