Recap: Legalized Marijuana Session at City Hall

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On Monday, Jeff Mooij (owner of 420 Clinic) and Denver city official Dan Rowland, joined City of Calgary councillors to discuss marijuana legalization, as the country prepares for this to be rolled out in the relatively near future. Major media outlets covered the education session, but here are some of the highlights:

  • 18 cannabis stores opened in Denver, CO the day recreational marijuana sales became legal in that state. Denver now has 295 licensed grow ops, 219 retail stores, 84 medical marijuana outlets and 10 testing facilities.
  • In Colorado, the projected marijuana-related revenue for 2016 is $33.5 million.
  • Marijuana revenues have been used to pay for 60 new jobs at the City of Denver.
  • Ottawa’s bill on pot legalization is expected in June and might be passed by the end of year.
  • The mayor said city council will likely want to control where businesses selling marijuana are allowed to operate.
  • The mayor said the three main areas he’s concerned about as legalization looms are building code rules, public nuisance issues and the location of retail outlets.
  • One of the biggest concerns has to do with the residential growing of marijuana.

“The future of this is not the stigma that’s attached to every media ad that we see, with a kid with his hat on sideways smoking a big fattie. That’s just not the future of this. That’s the old days.” — Jeff Mooij


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