Stay away from illegal marijuana businesses until federal laws change

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Even though the Federal Government is making moves to legalize marijuana by spring 2017, in the meantime, any marijuana you receive without a proper prescription and paperwork—is illegal. A news story came out today in Metro, regarding a mail order pot business that is making the rounds in Calgary.

As per the Calgary Police and this article:

What he’s doing is illegal, according to the Calgary Police Service. A spokesperson there explained that if a dispensary is federally licensed and a customer has a prescription, then the police will not get involved. In any other instance, people may be opening themselves up to criminal code offenses such as trafficking or possession. [Metro]

Especially for people who rely on their medical marijuana to deal with their medical symptoms, it’s important to be aware that you do not want to get involved with any dispensaries or businesses that are operating illegally.

Legal and proper practices cite that you consult with a doctor, and then you can take your prescription and work with a Licensed Producer, who are regulated by Health Canada. If you want help navigating this process, or have any questions about medical marijuana use in Calgary or Canada, please call us: 403-475-4205.

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