The importance of a medical cannabis journal

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When using medical cannabis, especially if you’re a new user, it’s important to track your progress, which is where a medical cannabis journal comes in handy. There’s a number of reasons you’ll want a cannabis journal: tracking results, dosage, strains, etc.

Here’s a few tips for starting and keeping a cannabis journal:

  • Find somewhere to track things. If you’re not into traditional journaling in a notebook, feel free to explore journaling apps too.
  • Track how you felt before taking the medical cannabis. Be sure to note your emotions as well as your physical feelings.
  • Track how much cannabis you took, and the method in which you took it (smoking, vaping, etc.)
  • Track which strain you used and which producer it came from.
  • Track the effects of the cannabis: what did you like or dislike? How long until it kicked in? How long did it last?
  • Track your food and water intake. How much did you eat before taking the cannabis? Did you eat anything unusual? Were you dehydrated?
  • Track how many hours of sleep you are getting. Is your sleep interrupted? Is your sleep cycle better or worse when using cannabis?
  • Track your exercise.
  • For women, track your hormonal changes, including menstrual cycles.

Many Licensed Producers have their own patient journals available, ask us for some recommendations if you don’t want to create your own.

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