Top 5 Tips for Cooking with Cannabis

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Instead of sharing a recipe this week, we’re sharing our top 5 tips for cooking with cannabis.

  1. Know the strain: the biggest area people fail in when cooking with cannabis, is choosing the wrong marijuana strain. You should always have knowledge about what strain you are using and how much of it to use. If you go with a strain that isn’t suited for your symptoms, you’ll end up with a different experience that you may not enjoy in the same way.
  2. Less is more: with edibles, generally less is more when it comes to marijuana. Don’t use the full dosage you would normally vaporize.
  3. Know the oils: almost every cannabis cooking recipe will call for a canna-butter or some infused oil. Here’s our recipes for canna-butter and cannabis coconut oil.
  4. Measure: always measure everything exactly what the recipe calls for when cooking with marijuana, especially when it comes to the cannabis.
  5. Get creative: step outside traditional pot brownies! Our blog has a wide selection of cannabis-infused foods—anything you can think of.

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