We’ve officially helped 1,000 patients in Calgary!

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We are celebrating a huge milestone at the 420 Clinic this month, as we have officially helped over 1,000 patients in Calgary! We were the first in Calgary to open a medical marijuana clinic, and we are grateful to get the opportunity to help out so many people every day in our city. To date, we have helped patients with hundreds of different medical conditions, many life-threatening or terminal, with the information and guidance they need to access medical marijuana. Our unique process allows us to really understand the needs of every person we work with, and provide guidance based on the patient’s specific needs.

Thank you to the doctors we’re proud to work with, our valued partners and every single Calgarian who has walked through our doors since we opened!

If you’re interested in booking an appointment with us, please call 403-475-4205. For media inquiries, please contact Jeff Mooij, jeff@420clinic.ca

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