Where to Get Medical Marijuana in Calgary

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Obtaining Medical Marijuana in the Alberta Area

For decades, marijuana was considered a dangerous drug, but since the turn of the millennium scientific studies have validated the medicinal properties of cannabis. Doctors have now recognized that medical marijuana can help alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy, as it is an effective pain reliever and it can suppress nausea. It helps treat the symptoms of serious illnesses such as AIDS, MS, and cancer, as well as help patients relieve depression, anxiety, and even insomnia. It’s also been found to reduce epileptic episodes.

In Calgary today, patients who are qualified to receive medical marijuana can purchase their supply from several sources. But some sources are better than others.

Buying Street Marijuana

Before (and often even today in many places), patients who needed to buy medical marijuana were forced to get it from street dealers. And that was exceedingly dangerous for several reasons. One obvious danger was the fact that such an act was illegal, so the patient was adding legal risks to an already unfortunate medical situation.
There was also the danger of dealing with criminals, who were not exactly model citizens. It’s always possible that the street dealer would take the money and not provide any cannabis at all, and the threat of violence was always present.

Finally the quality of the marijuana was inferior, to say the least. The cannabis may be contaminated with microbial infections, heavy metals, e-coli, salmonella, or high pesticide levels.

Growing Your Own Pot

Since 2001, patients can grow their own marijuana supply. But this can be very complicated, and it’s not always an easy process especially for those who are stricken with debilitating illnesses. It can also be expensive, while the amount of marijuana permitted is limited.

In addition, many are also concerned about the social and criminal repercussions of homegrown marijuana. Some parents are concerned about children seeing the plants, while others fear that homegrown marijuana can attract criminals who are intent on breaking and entering to steal the cannabis.

Calgary Medical Marijuana Clinics

Some patients may apply through Health Canada, while others who have the proper medical documentation may also obtain the cannabis directly from licensed growers. But those who need guidance and information can also get it through a medical marijuana clinic such as 420 Clinic. It’s located at 1336 ñ 9 Avenue SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0T3. Patients can call 1 (403) 475-4205 or go online to http://www.420clinic.ca for more information.

About 420 Clinic in Calgary, AB

It’s the job of the 420 Clinic to help patients navigate through the byzantine medical marijuana laws. They help patients in several ways:

  1. For those who are beset with problems that may be treated with medical marijuana, the clinic can steer the patients to the right doctors who can examine them and then prescribe the medical marijuana if it is needed.
  2. The clinic also gives advice as to which types of marijuana are most effective for specific medical conditions. Some are better for pain relief, for example, while others are best for reducing epileptic seizures.
  3. The clinic also gives cooking classes for marijuana as well.

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Contacting 420 Clinic

420 Clinic
1336 – 9 Avenue SE
Calgary, AB T2G 0T3
(403) 475-4205

420 Clinic is an alternative health clinic located in Calgary AB designed to help those in need with medical marijuana.

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